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Posted By: Mohammad Ammar Dated: 30/12/2010
Category: Suggestion
Comment: last week i saw TRON: LEGACY in 3D and it was a good experience but this week a movie MEGAMIND was released but you didn't released it just beacuse its in ENGLISH..... if ur a having a 3D technology then you should utilise it..... you should have released that movie in ENGLISH you are having a multiplex so you should run ENGLISH movies in ENGLISH also atleast at one showtime..... and you should also run morning hows of 9 to 12 or 10 to 12 whatever you want but you hould run amorning show also be

Posted By: Mohammad Ammar Dated: 15/12/2010
Category: Suggestion
Comment: DELITE goes 3D wow....!!! im coming 2 watch TRON: LEGACY here and please make sure that sound will be tremendous... i want full vloume of sound then only it will look good..... :)

Posted By: Mohammad Ammar Dated: 07/11/2010
Category: Suggestion
Comment: day before yesterday i visited DELITE to watch ACTION REPLAYY in it..... first of all when i entered in Balcony i found a change that there is beautiful lighting all over there in Balcony and fans were also there..... and second thing comes about sound(the main thing)..... sound was just awesome..... previously it was not good but now its awesome..... we can clearly hear the dialouges and at the time of songs it was very good..... and one thing is that DELITE is a multiplex and it doesn't have 3

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